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North Korea on Tuesday confirms that leader Kim Jong Un will soon meet with Vladimir Putin in Russia
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At the entrance to the Easter church, Harry held back so he did not have to go in with William, or sit next to him inside. Their decision to not walk into church together was no mere logistical accident
Tesla CEO Elon Musk expects regulatory approval in at least one market that would enable a robot taxi service by the end of 2020 and envisions owners of Tesla vehicles pushing a button on an app to put their cars into service
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A guide horse trains inside the tube to become a helpful companion of partially sighted people
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First past the post abets extreme politics, says thinktank
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RT @MarshaBlackburn: Here’s what #TaxReform has brought to our country: ✅3.2 million new jobs ✅A bigger paycheck for ~90% of taxpayers ✅Lo…
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As we celebrate #EarthDay, enjoy these views of our home that can only be seen from the distance of deep space. In conjunction with our #Apollo50th anniversary, we’re sharing thoughts from our @NASA_Astronauts who’ve beheld the beauty of Earth from afar:
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RT @SenKevinCramer: Created under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Opportunity Zones help lift low income Americans out of poverty by encouraging…
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RT @SenCapito: Last year, @SenatorTimScott and I toured #OpportunityZones in Huntington and saw the incredible potential in these designate…
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Xi's grand Belt and Road initiative is getting a makeover
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RT @GOP: “In the heartland, they want legislating, not investigating.” -@kayleighmcenany
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Just a casual dunk ... with help from an elephant 😲
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RT @FLOTUS: Another wonderful Easter Egg roll! @POTUS and I enjoyed meeting everyone! Thank you to the many volunteers and vendors who wo…
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RT @WhiteHouse: The 2019 Easter Egg Roll is almost here! President @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS will welcome guests to the White House fo…
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U.S. offers $10 million reward for information to disrupt Hezbollah finances